Elementals (Animi Rudimenta) - living magic all over Lore, they adapt to any surrounding.


Their origins are unknown, although most say they are born everytime a magician uses elemental magic while others believe they are reincarnations of the elements itself, small avatars of life. They are mostly neutral to the living beeings around, only attacking if offended, threatened or if they feel the need to defend their territory, using their own elements as offensive and defensive tools.

Only magic practicioners can actually communicate with them, some taking this chance to convince the elementals to serve their purposes, due their neutrality towards their actions, nearly an apathy, they do not differ good from evil as long as they don't have to hurt their own kind. Even opposite elementals can join forces under the same goal, although such event is very rare and unusual. Elementals can control not only their own, but the element in their surrounding, but only bound to their own element. A gathering of Elementals can permanently change the landscape and even the weather nearby, in theory, creating the perfect habitat to live.

Their methods of reproduction are currently unknown.


Although considered living and sentient beeings, Elementals are not affected by necromancy, and so far, their "souls" are not detectable, meaning that an undead Elemental is yet to be seen, if not impossible.

The number of Elemental's sub-species are nearly infinite, as Elementals are born from elements from nature, magic and sometimes, even artificial craftings and alloys.

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