See also Avatars and Elemental Lords

Elemental Champions are sent by the Elemental Plains to bring a levelled order of peace to Lore.


There are only several identified Elemental Champions.

  • Drakath, the Champion of Chaos.
  • Artix, the Champion of Darkness sent by the plane of darkness to eliminate and replace
    • Sepulchure, the original Champion of Darkness who was defeated by Drakath.
      • Dethrix, the Champion of Darkness, before being destroyed by Sepulchure, he killed Valen (Sepulchure, before becoming DoomKnight)
  • Gravelyn, the Champion of Light.
    • Queen Lynaria Alteon, the Champion of Light and King Alteon's wife and adoptive mother of Gravelyn, before being killed by Sepulchure

Mirror RealmEdit

  • Mirror Drakath, the Champion of Order, works to bring peace to the Mirror Realm with his fellow Lords of Order.


Known Elements:

  • Chaos
  • Dark
  • Light
  • Order (Mirror Realm)

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