The Dwakel Warrior (Dwakenius Cronius), known for it's speed, size, and electro-gravitational powered sword, is a "creature," and/or "alien" in some circumstances, that comes from the ninth galaxy, commonly known as "The Rutherion Way" in the vast area known as "The Lace."

After millions of years of argue among their planet's leaders for a hope of survival, they decided to send a ship to the fifth galaxy known as "Lorionium" after global waste has almost destroyed their planet from stench and disease.


The so-called "Dwakel Crash Site" in GreenGuard.


They have a form of wet, turquoise skin that consists of micro cells that pull mucus from the insides of the body that produces from within it's internal organs. They usually are also seen in sightings wearing an orange colored, metal armor that is very easily broken by even the dullest of blades.


After crashing into the area of GreenGuard, they now rely on spare parts and ominous technology, never-before seen by the people of Lore,that they have created with the vast abundancy of Lore's materials. They usually stay out in the open in plain sight not caring who, or what, sees them.


They have tended to eat the fallen leaves from trees around them, but mostly eat meat like rabbits or frogzards that inhabit the area, that they also cook by firing blasters from the Dwakel Warrior's cousin, the "Dwakel Blaster" as we call them.

Historic Ex-Lore EventsEdit

A fellow paladin of mine, Shonay (pronounced Show Nay), caught one for me to interrogate. We have found that before pollution to their world, they have made world peace with the other continents of their planet, but when pollution started to overwhelm their planet, a complete world war had broken out sending millions of Dwakel to their so-called "Grave."


The Dwakel Warriors, we now know, are planning to eventually rebuild their ship with the technology from materials that Lore has provided, so they can go back to their planet, better fix their ship, and search for a new "host" planet to take control of due to their rules made by their world leaders and I quote, "to never take over a planet with visible life."


No pictures are allowed to be taken due to them not allowing the flash of light blinding them and sending them into a "rage" state killing everything that is not of Dwakel descent, but you can go and visit them at the "Dwakel Crash Site" knowing they are quite friendly and won't harm unless harmed. Remember: NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY!

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