AdventureQuest Worlds
Race: Troll
Gender: Male
Relatives: Cousin: Rawg

Druuz is Defender of Bloodtusk Ravine, Troll-side.

Horcs casted out his mother, seperated her from her brother and husband. Druuz says she wasn't GOOD enough, and Druuz wouldn't have either. He says once she had Druuz, she came back to live to Bloodtusk Ravine and Druuz have arrived, and now... he has a home and family. Druuz says his father loved his mother, but she couldn't stand the stares, the grunted whispers. She was different there, and she hated it. And now Druuz is different, and he hates it too. Druuz says but Bloodtusk Ravine is his home and her people are his people. Family is all he has and he says he will defend the land from the Horcs who could use Chaos to destroy them. Druuz heard rumors that he has a cousin. His mother's brother went with her to the other side. Met a horc there, had a family. He died hunting hunting to fill their communal pot before their shame and mistrust could drive him back to his family. Druuz's cousin had better hope they never meet.

Rawg, the Defender of Bloodtusk Ravine, Horc-side says his mother says that he has far-brother. Son of father's sister and Horc. But he lives with Trolls, IS Troll. He ready to bring battle to Horcs, but he makes sure he not step foot on this side of Ravine. He says his blood is dirty and that they share no family. He says if they meet, he die. Most likely, Rawg is the cousin of Druuz.

Druuz says Sokrakiis is like a father to him, he taught Druuz how to read and write and magic spell. He also says Bachius was like a big brother, teaching Druuz weaponry, and telling Druuz stories of battle.