Baby Dragon
Race: Dragon
Gender: Male

Draco is the Hero's pet dragon. He hatched out of the Black Box, so he is known as the Dragon of the Black Box. As such, he was the dragon destined to destroy the world, a prophecy he fulfilled by destroying the planet-sized SMUDD.

He is a standard green dragon with red eyes, but the player can customise his appearance (head, wing and tail style, also horn, skin, eye and wing color), elemental alignment (and even his name) thanks to the two Dragon Priestesses Celestia and Elysia at Sunbreeze Grove.

When Draco is in his matured adult form, he is able to be ridden horseback-style by the Hero. This is known as his DragonRider form, and with assistance of the Dragon Amulet Draco can also defeat Titan monsters this way.

Pet TraitsEdit

Draco is able to switch his elemental alignment between the eight major forces and channel them into a breath power that is uniquely strong against certain enemies and uniquely ineffective against others. These include:

  • Light
  • Water
  • Earth
  • Darkness
  • Wind
  • Energy
  • Stone
  • Fire
  • Bacon (Available only to Dragon Amulet holders or while doing the Full Darkness quest)

The player is also able to increase Draco's statistics through feeding them magical Dragon food as he grows. Three different tiers of dragon food are available in ascending power, three of which available for purchase at Sunbreeze Grove.