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"Let the moon light your path as the creatures of the night serenade the violet landscape. Ominous laughter mingling with scurrying feet behind the brambles will make you wonder if the goosebumps on your arm is caused by a chill in the air or the howling of wolves."

Doomwoood is probably the most hostile "territory" of the Kingdom of Greenguard, Doomwood is the home to various undead, necromancers, dark arts and so on. The two remaining towns in Doomwood are Moonridge and Amityvale.

The region is being contested between the Vampire, led by Safiria, the Werewolf, led by Lord Frydae XIII, and the Human (backed by The Rose and the DragonLord Order - though it is unknown if the latter is still active).

Moonridge is a town deep within Doomwood that has managed to avoid being tainted by the darkness swalloing this land, it is the last human town to resist darkness of Doomwood.



Doomwood once was a beautiful forest and had a different name, and had villages, in one not very large village lived Artix and Vayle. Aswell there was a Guardian Tower near the village.

Forest was called Junatia Park.

There was a town south of Doomwood, a place once known as Sil, which is now ruins.

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