Doomkitten AQW

Race: Cat
Gender: Male

Doomkitten is a dreaded ancient and wise cat creature from the darkness that can be summoned with tnecessary spell components: Fire Yarn, Indestructable Litter, Salmon, and the Wind Nip, that's everything needed to pull this monster from its world into our own. This creature is VERY dangerous, and feasts on dragon eggs. Doomkitten can sniff eggs and begin to dispell the dragon illsuion when it finds which egg is the real one. Once it has unveiled the true dragon egg, you will have to step in and banish the beast back to its own plane, otherwise the Doomkitten will devour and eat the egg. Do not be fooled by the Doomkitten's appearance. It only assumes this form. Nerfkittens are close relative to the dreaded Doom Kitten.

Doom Kitten also appears in AQW, Warlic summoned him because they do not know what the future holds. It is said to tame the DoomKitten and he will serve you well as Chaos continues to rise around them.

Ancient scrolls say the DoomKitten has mystical powers. "One rune hints at something to do with Dragons, but I cannot believe that. A little kitten vs a big strong Dragon…?! But who knows, that cat is a ball of furry fury! Face him and see for yourself." - says Kottur.

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