Chuckles New Body

Race: Human
Gender: Male

Chuckles is a named, but disposable, skeletal minion of Sepulchure. He is pretty funny (and noisy) for a dead guy.



Gravelyn made Chuckles when she was a child. He was Gravelyn's first undead minion. Sepulchure was very proud of Gravelyn. Chuckles is also Gravelyn's bestest friend.


Chuckles along with Sepulchure was killed by Drakath in the Good vs Evil fight.


There is now a T-Shirt with "Save Chuckles" on it, with holds a code which will unlock the in-game pet Chuckles Skull which can start a quest chain with Death So far, there is only one quest and that is, to get Chuckle's head back.

Noxus's BodyEdit

When Noxus turns Gravelyn's Undead Army against her (he can, because he is the one that created Sepulchure's Undead Army) and chains Gravelyn, but she says that there is still one minion that he can not control and Chuckles jumps out, knocks Noxus down with having only a head and unchains Gravelyn. After the Hero defeats Noxus, Chuckles has Noxus's body as a promotion.