The chair (Situs downium) is a piece of furniture seated within SleuthHound Inn, related to the table (J. hetron fieldus) and the Harmoire (Closeta sinistera).


It appears to be an ordinary wooden chair with a red cushion and backing. However, do not be fooled by its comfortable appearance; it is said to be animated by the spirit of a hero who foolishly decided to take a seat.


The chair is not aggressive unless provoked; in this sit-uation, one will face deep seated rage, a myriad of uncushioned blows, a chair-ity of slashes, a pew-erful backstab, and complicated assembly instructions from Die-kea (a subsidiary of EbilCorp) that may easily render a hero chair-alyzed!


The chair is born a scavenger, with a diet comprised of dust elementals, lost popcorn, and scattered change. E-bench-ually, it develops a craving for blood (and couch potatoes).


Should a hero conquer the chair and send it to daybed, he/she will receive a Skull Key, which will aid in the solving ofthe SleuthHound murder...

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