Golden Cabit

Cabits (Aureus Lepurid) are fairly common creatures in the mountains to the northwest/nort-east. A subspecies of rabbit and the only sole member, they are easily identifiable by their bigger size, their front legs which are furless in certain part and their long, furless tail.


Like a rabbit, they move by hopping, although not as fast due to their size. When they feel threatened, they ram into the predator or shoot blinding light beams in an attemp to conceal themselves. Oh, I didn't mention they can also cast light magic?


Normally have dark fur. Young Cabits's fur are gray in color. But when they live above a certain age, they gain the ability to use magic and very adept at it and their fur change into a beautiful golden color. At this point they become very dangerous so don't be fooled by its cute exterior. It can take anywhere between 10-12 years for a Cabit to gain this ability. Their magic are naturally Light-element, and is just as effective as magic casted by a regular person. They use their magic to cream beams and flashes of light from the sky. They can also enhance their ram with their magic.


Cabits likes to live near mountain cliffs, which make encountering them all the more undesirable if you accidentally scare one. They can disbalance you using their ram, and in the case of a golden one, their light magic, which disorient your sense and can easily make you fall off. Because of this wild Golden Cabits are very dangerous, so handle them with care and don't be fooled by their cute appearance. Mountain inhabitants tend to request for Cabit-extermination job at Hunter's Paradise.


The moment a Cabit turn gold, their body are enchanted in magic. Their hides are being sold. Their fur and tail in particular make great magically enhanced charm and accessories or weapon parts. Because of that, they are valued, although nowhere near extinction.



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