Young Blue Dragon

Blue Dragon (Salamander Draconian), this legendary beast can fly even without possessing wings, causing it to be not only a monster terrestrial, but also aerial.


The Blue Dragon is a rare species of dragon, he lives in caves near Akiba, in appearance like a huge lizard, its appearance is formed by scales similar to a sea serpent and has a high regenerative power,


A monster quite aggressive and not afraid of anything they eat almost everything that moves, with their sharp teeth destroy easily prey and their fire shall not conventional semi-solid mass with a burning acetylene and oxygen flame explodes its target on impact.


A loner, which can live for centuries. All Yokai dragons have control over an element of nature; the Blue Dragon has the power to control the clouds, causing rain at any moment.

His vision, like a hawk, allows it to see from miles away. His whiskers are sensors that can detect a heartbeat from over 100 feet away. In some cases, they may feel the victim's blood being pumped.

Approach cautiously. If lucky, the Blue Dragon may grant wishes.


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