Blinding Light of Destiny DF
Blinding Light Metal

The Axe revelealed to be out of metal

ShadowReaper of Doom

The ShadowReaper of Doom

Blinding Light Handle

The Handle, all that is left of the Axe

The Blinding Light of Destiny is Artix's axe. The light shining from this axe is very bright.

When Vordred touched the axe, his arm became blowing and very hurt, even though he was immune to Light based attacks.

The holy Axe of the Paladin Artix was revelead to be not Light, just a common metal BattleAxe

The spirit orbs Artix frees from the undead follow him. It took Artix millions SpritOrbs to make the Axe appear gold and glowing.

Vordred cursed and infused the Axe with pure darkness to create unstoppable dark power, and so turned the Axe into the ShadowReaper of Doom.

It was destroyed by Artix's unleashing of the Spirit Orbs' power to destroy Vordred's armor of skulls.

All that is left of the weapon is the Blinding Light of Destiny Handle.

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