"Binky the Magical Man-Eating Unicorn" (Equus ferus caballus inmortuorum) is an unfathomably dangerous creature born from the mind of the professional dungeon-smith Grimskull.


  • The Grimskull Dungeon
  • Doomvault


Presumably undead, Binky most resembles a Clydesdale horse, with long silver hair that makes up its mane and tail. Instead of the characteristic feathering running the lower legs of a well groomed Clydesdale, Binky is covered with multiple onyx-colored human skulls emitting an eerie green glow. Said skulls also run the length of the chest and neck, ending just below the jaw.

Binky's body hair is of an onyx shade, identical to the skulls that run its legs. Binky is clearly distinguished from other Pegasi or Unicorns, as Binky wears the unmistakable emblem of Grimskull on both of its shoulders.

The necrotized monster pulsates with dark energy, occasionally flickering with shades of darkness, as if it were lightning. Binky snorts a toxic chemical concoction that is lethal in large doses if inhaled. Binky's horn is made of the strongest ivory, magically enchanted sharper than the usual lorian broadsword.


Binky the Magical Man-Eating Unicorn is exactly what Grimskull’s moniker proclaims it to be. Binky was originally found in a vacant cave, near Grimskull’s lair- while it was still under construction. Binky, as I heard from a mortally wounded Pactagonal Knight, was accidentally set free due to negligence by Grimskull’s workers. The evil entity killed all the workers in sight, and then fled to a nearby cave.


Binky's horn is decorated with an impaled human skull, with barbed chain wrapped around the base. A fine prize for any hero's inventory, Binky’s horn is as deadly as the creature itself. The horn copies itself upon defeat of the monster, so that all who participated in its slaughter shall know what brave soul dared to do the unthinkable…and triumphed.

In BattleEdit

Binky wields otherworldly power, which is obvious from its appearance. The killer unicorn can and will mimic the abilities of any; Chaos Lord, Chaos Beast, Monster, or even strong enemy personnel (such as Chairman Platinum). With this power alone, Binky is as unpredictable as it is dangerous- only those most prepared would ever hope to win a fight with Binky.

With a strong party of only the most hardened fighters among me, we were able to stay one step ahead of this evil creation. I provided the group with strong magical healing as well as high-powered, precise, defensive oriented attacks- all of which I learned as a Paladin High Lord under the teachings of Artix.

WARNING: Training as a Paladin High Lord is crucial to the success and survival of the group.


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