"My dream... is to become a Knight!"
Ash Dragonblade

Ash Young

Ash man

Race: Human
Gender: Male
Relatives: Mother: Mrs. Dragonblade
Father: Mr. Dragonblade

Ash Dragonblade, in DragonFable Book 1 he is a mail delivery boy, who wants to become a knight.


Ash is a mail delivery boy.


One day however, a Hero (your character) tells Ash that if he were to save a princess, then a king would owe Ash a debt; perhaps even bestowing knighthood upon him. He look up to the Hero like a big Brother or Sister relationship.

Determined to fulfill the idea suggested to him by a Hero, Ash ventures to save a princess at whatever the cost. Surely Ash would owe the Hero who gave him the idea a debt of gratitude and after becoming a knight you may even be able to unlock the all-powerful Blade of Destiny.


Ash is in a forest when he hears a Princess asking for help. Ash kills undead and meets a Necromancer, to who the Mysterious Stranger told that the Necromancer who captures the Princess of Darkovia will be given the most sought after prize of their evil art, he will teach them the language of darkness.

But, The Princess the Necromancer has captured was found out to be not the Princess of Darkovia by The Mysterious Stranger, since he said the Princess of Darkovia is a brunette.

Then the Mysterious Stranger says that he detects a hero (which is Ash) in the Necromancer's dungeon, then told the Necromancer to let him know how it turns out.

The Necromancer tries to use an darkness spell on the Princess, but instead accidently uses an freezing spell.

Then Ash defeats the Necromancer.


When the Hero was frozen, he tried to be the best hero he could be, following the Hero's example. Ash follows the way of the light. His Princess has even returned, she's reaching out from the realm of light through his sword. Ash doesn't trust the Rose members and says to the Hero to watch out for them.