AdventureQuest Edit

Artix: Uh-oh!! Looks like town has a dangerous visitor! Go down there and take care of that monster! Don't worry, I'll watch your back.
Button: Fight
Battle: Starving Soralag
Aquella: You did it!! Thanks for keeping that thing from making a meal of an unsuspecting townperson.
Robina Hood: You can find most of us in town here, along with a lot of our friends.
Galanoth: Except me... I am usually in Dragonstone, which you can find on the Travel Map. Every day there is news posted on the tree next to Twilly. You can get to the Travel Map from there.
Aria: The Event button will take you to any big things that might be happening, like wars! Click on the Travel Map button to explore the rest of the world outside of this town.
Aria: Here's the map! It changes often, with new areas being added. You can visit other places when you increase in level a little bit. Do this by fighting monsters!
Valencia: The Battle Monsters button is on the lower right of the town screen! You will get experience to grow your level, and GOLD (my favorite!) to buy new and stronger equipment with!
Warlic: As you level up, new monsters will appear. Between levels 5 and 10 you'll be strong enough to go on quests! Remember to use some gold to upgrade your equipment.
Artix: Now that you know the basics, you are ready to start on your quest to become more powerful and unlock the secrets of Lore!
Twilly: Hiyas! Pick one of us to help you on your first battles, or go out on your own!
Artix: Have a look in this special shop to see if there's anything you would like. Remember, after you battle some more and level up, to check out the shops in town.
Choose: Shop!
Shop opens
Artix: May your adventures be memorable! BATTLE ON!!
Choose: Begin!

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