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Race: Human
Gender: Female
Relatives: Father: Yulgar
Mother: Lark
Great-grandmother: Nana
Grandmother: Brimme
Uncle: Leo
Cousin once removed: Adder
"My Grams taught me everything she knew about pet training."
"I LOVE animals, and even though I try to do everything I can for them, in the end I'm just ONE person! "

Aria is the granddaughter of Grams and is a 5'25' tall [1] Pet trainer in training. She is the owner of the Battleon Pet Shoppe.

Aria met the Frogzard Hunter a very long time ago, and he taught her how to raise and train animals. She runs a pet shop in the town of Battleon.

Hans, Yulgar's apprentice, has developed quite a crush on her. This has led them through several misadventures as he tries to impress her. Luckily for Hans, Aria has a crush on him too.


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