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Amityvale is a spooky town on the edges of the cursed forest, Doomwood. Amityvale has a creepy, little town hall which has a short meeting going on everytime you go there.

The mayor, Wednesday is giving the townsfolk a speech. On Book 3 the mayor is Magus Neron.

Amityvale has an inn named 'The Smashing Pumpkin Inn.' It is being run by the innkeeper, Rosemary, later by her son Adrian.

Artix sometimes stays in Amityvale and fights the Undead all day and night.

Thursday stands at the front of Town Hall and she can take you to many quests. Almost all of the quests in Amityvale have something to do with Thursday.

Zorbak likes staying in Amityvale sometimes.

Amityvale has a quest in which you have to go inside a well to rescue Artix. A little girl accidentally dropped her 'ring' in a well and she told Artix to find it, because she had only '7 days left' to get it back.

Amityvale is filled with pumpkins. It had wars which had something to do with pumpkins, like 'The Night of The Living Pumpkins' and 'The Pumpkin Pi Bomber.' It also has quests like, 'The Pumpkin Patch.'

There is a tower in Amityvale, The Vampire Tower is a huge mansion. It is full of undead armies and Lord Frydae XIII. A mysterious Necromantress is in The Vampire Tower quest.

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