Race: Human
Gender: Female

Alta is a woman.


Oaklore & HydraEdit

She and Taros were on their way back from Oaklore and they came to the old bridge, they were crossing the bridge, and all of a sudden, Alta tripped over the Hydra, just sitting there in the middle of the bridge. Alta tripped and went over her ankle.


She goes to Falconreach, where Twilly heals her ankle. She also tells the Hero that they could try doing some Fishing, that she heard a lot of crazy stories about it lately.

Hunter's ParadiseEdit

She is in Hunter's Paradise where she tells the Hero that she saw them back in Falconreach.

Falconreach - Book 3Edit

She is in Falconreach in Book 3 again, where she tells the Hero that she heard that The Rose has overtaken the docks and that they're closed off for now.

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