Alina Poisonbane
Alac Keystone


Alina AQW1


Race: Human
Gender: Female
Relatives: Father: Lord Keystone
Husband: Rolith

Rewarded with the name Alina Poisonbane, originally known as Alac Keystone, she is a purple-haired girl who owns and runs Alina's Potion Shop and teaches the player mana potion making and alchemy. She is King Alteon's Royal Alchemist PotionMaker, Royal PotionMistress, and also Falconreach's resident mana potions maker. She is also the wife of Rolith. She is the daughter of Lord Keystone, Duke of the Black Hills. Alina began studying as a very young girl.


Early YearsEdit

Originally, Alina - then known as Alac - was a Royal Alchemist serving the king in Swordhaven. During this time she trained Reens in the art of alchemy.

It was during this time that she located and isolated the components of a solution of crushed Brightstone and Doomdirt which has had the effect of rendering null and ineffectual many of this land's worst and most deadly poisons.

Because of her groundbreaking word, she was rewarded with the surname "Poisonbane" and the wish to change her name to Alina.

Moving to FalconreachEdit

Reens - her student - wrote a letter to Alina explaining that there was no mana potions maker in Falconreach so the potions master came and provide her knowledge to the town. It was during this time that Rolith propose to her and they became a couple.

Teacher and pupil

Alina and her student hearing Seppy's "speech"

During the Final 13th, she participate in the defense of Falconreach from the Shadowscythes helping the wounded.

The wizs

Alina with the other

Later when the SMUDD cover the world in darkness, Reens work with Falconreach's other powerful mages to set up a light shield surrounding the town protected it from the darkness.


She set up a new shop in Battleon (probably because of Falconreach getting destroyed) to find new students for the Alchemy Academy. She hasn't really opened her shop yet, but when she does, she will sell potions.


Alina is a slim woman with blue eyes and wavy purple hair.

She wore a purple blouse with pink wrappings around her waist and arms with a long red skirt. Alina also has white leggings and teal shoes.