Akriloth's son
Race: Red Dragon
Gender: Male
Relatives: Father: Akriloth

This dragon is the only son of Akriloth.


The HeroEdit

Akriloth's son egg

After the Hero has killed Akriloth, the Elemental Spirit of Fire, Nifaria appears before the Hero and says that by slaying Akriloth, the most powerful fire creature in the world, by slaying it has caused a great imbalance in elemental power, by slaying Akriloth they have put all fire beings in grave peril.

Then Nifaria gives the Hero a fire dragon egg who is Akriloth's son and is about to hatch, Nifaria says when it hatches in a few moments, it will be the only great fire dragon left in the world. Nifari asays to raise Akriloth's only son, to take him to Lady Celestia, so he can be raised properly and bring the elemental realms back into balance.

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