"Not everything. Haha... I promised you that if you brought me the Prime Fire Orb I would create the most powerful fire weapon the world has ever seen... and that weapon... shall be... ME!!!!!!!!! "


Akriloth Monster

Race: Red Dragon
Gender: Male
Relatives: Son: Unnamed

Akriloth is one of the most powerful fire dragons, the most powerful fire creature on Lore, the dragon featured in The Fire War. He has destroyed towns, killed families.


Galanoth's villageEdit

Back when Galanoth was age of 4, a hoard of fire-breathing dragons lead by Akriloth scorched Galanoth's entire village, and Galanoth's family was killed.

The Fire WarEdit

When Akriloth appeared, he tricked the Hero into giving him the Fire Orb and he used it to become an Ultra Magma Dragon. After he beat their dragon, he burnt down Konnan's village, killing his family, The Hero then went on a search, alongside Demento, for a weapon powerful enough to defeat Akriloth, known as the Frozen Claymore. while this was happening Xan was training Konnan in Pyromancy. Akriloth is ultimately slain, but the fire orb ends up in the possession of Drakonnan. To replace the gap made in the realm of fire, Lady Celestia recieves Akriloth's only son. Later Akriloth was resurrected by Xan using the fire orb which Sepulchure managed to get. You re-fight him again in the Final Friday 13th saga. When you are defeated by Sepulchure at the final Friday 13th saga it is shown Akriloth's son had hatched and that the the undead Akriloth killed Lady Celestia.

Prime Fire OrbEdit

He attacked villages and innocent people in his quest to obtain the Prime Fire Orb. His motive was to conquer Lore by use of the Fire Orb. Through trickery, he manages to get you to both defeat Drakath, and return the Fire Orb to him, transforming into Ultra Magma Dragon, Akriloth. His defeat led to an imbalance in elemental powers. Akriloth since then has returned and risen to power with the Plasma Dragons.