Queen Aisha

Aisha DF


Aisha Dragon DF


Race: Half-Ice Elf
Half-Ice Dragon
Gender: Female
Relatives: Husband: King Coal

Queen Aisha is Queen of the Ice Elves, and an Ice Dragons. She is part dragon, and ex-owner of the Elemental Ice Orb. She leads a huge army of ice dragons and ice elves to destroy Dragesvard, the last human settlement in the Northlands.She plans to and conquer all the races of the north. Her ultimate goal is to use the power of the Ice Orb to freeze all of Lore, placing Ice Dragons as the supreme race of the world. She is ultimately defeated when she is tricked into being poisoned by Galanoth's Dragonbane-coated armor, weakening her enough to be brought down. She again tries to destroy Dragesvard in her Titan form, but is again defeated by the player and their dragon. Whether she is alive or dead is not certain.

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